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YB’s Direct, Inc. is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of biohazard and industrial spill cleanup products. We have the clean-up and containment products you need to respond properly to today’s spill containment guidelines. If you are working in a hospital, a school or university, or even in an industrial field. There are always spills and splashes to be cleaned up properly. Choose from our complete line of Bio-Wipe absorbent containment bags and kits that make cleanup and containment of infectious or hazardous industrial spills simple, fast and complete.

These unique body fluid and chemical wipe and containment systems are super absorbent and able to handle up to 6 oz. of liquid each. Our clientele includes such organizations as NASA and the US Olympic Sports Medicine Committee. It was used in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy and hurricane Katrina. And is used by such notables as: Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and Harvard.

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