The Mess-Up Mitt™ Containment System

The Mess-Up Mitt™The Mess-Up Mitt™ is ideal for cleanup of small aqueous, oil or non-threatening chemical spills. Available on a roll of 25 perforated invertible wipe and containment bags for small industrial spills, it is stronger than ordinary wipes and can be used more than once.

The Mess-Up Mitt™ features a bonded absorbent material for quick and easy cleanup of most aqueous solutions, oils and chemicals. It is a great product for equipment wipe-downs and using two at a time can increase labor efficiency.

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  • Bag size of 11 ½” x 12”
  • A non-biohazard version of Bio-Wipe Bag technology.
  • Polypropylene universal absorbent capacity exceeds ½ pint, accommodating most spills.
  • Two-thumbed mitt on interior of bag allows for right or left handed use.
  • Permanently sealed adhesive closure provides for safe and proper disposal of contaminants.
  • The Mess-Up Mitt™ will absorb any aqueous liquids, solvents, coolants, oils, caustics and even fuming acids.
  • Uses same patented “inside-out” process for disposal.

The Mess-Up Mitt™ is patented and registered trademarks of DT Labs/Bio-Protective Products, Inc., U.S. Patent Numbers 4,964,1888 and 5,301,806. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

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